Booming micro-taco-restaurant and catering trailer!


Penticton  British Columbia Coast,  V2A

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This South Okanagan based restaurant is thriving into it's sixth year. We are a taco shack with a secure location and dedicated following. The business is ready for fresh energy to take the next step.

General Information

The inexpensive 18 month lease on the building has just renewed. It's proximity to the creek makes it not viable for redevelopment, securing this location for Tacos del Norte for the foreseeable future.

Financial Information

5 year comparable T2125 available upon request.

Included in Sale

All equipment associated with the turnkey business. Includes all kitchen stock and supplies, cooler, refrigerated assembly table, upright freezer, three chambered sinks, 30" electric grill, cash register, stools, tables, sound system. Also included is a 12' mobile trailer used for service offsite and catering and all contents including two bar fridges, warming pots, two small grills, generator, and supplies. All marketing materials, branding, social media, website, etc. All recipes, menu items, supplier and customer contact information. We have experienced staff and will offer a two week co-work transitional period. Itemized list will be provided.

Market Description

Penticton has a population of 42000. We have a prime down town location near the beach. We are seasonally affected - summers are very busy and winters are quiet. Our reputation draws locals and tourists alike. We compete with local restaurants but we are unique in that we are the only taco shack in town. Our mobile unit allows us to access as much catering business as we can handle from April through October, including many repeat engagements. We have traditionally spent nothing on marketing beyond T-shirts and a handful of boosted social media posts. We have also closed for two or three months each winter. Our market capture is, frankly, nowhere near our potential.

Reason for Selling

I started this business in spring 2013. The business continues to flourish. I am ready for a change and the business would benefit from fresh energy. To put it in a flowery way, my journey has come to a comfortable end and I am proud of what I have to offer.


British Columbia Coast

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