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Cold Lake  Central Alberta,  T9M

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Health & Beauty   Retail

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With celebs like Kim K and Kylie Jenner boldly rocking wigs, Essence Luxe Coutur offers handmade wigs to those who want this new staples beauty accessory.

Financial Information

- Average monthly sales are $4,500 and increasing
- You'll be inhereting NO DEBT
- Low cash flow but breakeven is at $150/month
- Average order value is $550 CAD
- We sell globally with 45% of sales coming from the US
- Once capitalized our Instagram is worth $15,000 in possible conversion. Our email list is worth $25,000 in coversions.
That's $40,000 in sales without advertising but just captializing on exising market.
- You will make your profit in your 2nd year
- We've invested in about $25,000USD. An investment you inherent
- This business required no extra capital apart from monthly marketing expenses

Included in Sale

Essence Luxe Couture has been in operation for a year. We sell wigs, lashes, hair extensions and skin care products. With celebrities like Kim K and Kylie Jenner boldly rocking wigs, wigs are no longer a taboo beauty item.

The company is a low cost operation. Monthly operating cost are $150CAD. The average order value is $550 CAD. Make your profit in 1 year. This is a very lucrative business. You'll be purchasing a fully developed e-commerece site. We've invested over $6000USD in professional site designs.

Included in the purchase price:
- $12,000USD designed fully functioning website
- and .ca sales and operations
- $5,000 in inventory (90% has been sent to Amazon FBA to fulfilled by Amazon Prime)
- Site Developer on hand
- Amazon pro to manage Amazon
- 3000 Instagram followers
- Adwords Quality Score of 9/10 or 8/10 on all ad sets
- Tried and Tested Marketing plan/audience
- $6,000 in model shoots and photos for site and Amazon
- $7,000 is luxury packing boxes and bags
- $5,000 worth of email newsletter subscribers
- $15,000 worth of advisors, suppliers and investors

Market Description

Our market are women with hair loss from cancer or other illnesses. 1 in 5 women in North America secretly suffer from hairloss. These women are looking to invest in high quality affordable wigs. Those women are looking for us.

Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian openly rock wigs. Our second market are women who want the celebrity look without damaging their hair or wearing cheap synthetic wigs. These women are willing to invest in their beauty.

Reason for Selling

Series of family illnesses have taken our focus and finances from the business. We never hoped to sell but we know it's the best.

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Central Alberta

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