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Angel Apparel is a young company with a vision of giving back to local charities and organizations. Canada Army Run has been the top selling event with both online and event weekend sales with approximately $8500 donated to Support Our Troops. Angel Apparel is looking for a likeminded buyer.

General Information

- Featured on CTV Morning Live in 2015 in support of the Army Run
- Featured on CTV Morning LIve in 2016 in support of The Kathy Smart Health Expo
- Angel Apparel was chosen to wear by Kathy Smart in the promo commercial advertising the Health Expo
- Granted use of the official Canadian cadpat print on our apparel
- Granted use of the Support Our Troops logo on our apparel

Financial Information

- Peak season sales between June and October due to Army Run pre-sales, event weekend sales and post event sales
- No debt associated with the business
- Low cash flow - average monthly expenses approximately $300 without inventory purchases
- Approximately 30% of sales were generated online in 2016
- In 2 years, Angel Apparel donated over $10,000 back to local charities and organizations with approximately $8500 donated to Support Our Troops

Included in Sale

Angel Apparel has been in operation since 2015. We sell mostly athletic apparel - capri and full length athletic leggings and tank tops, shorts for men and women and a selection of fashion/comfortable leggings.
Monthly operating expenses average less than $300/month.

Included in the purchase:
- Approximately $16,000 value of inventory for ease of generating revenue immediately
- 10' x 10' Tent that can be used at onsite events such as the Army Run - comes with a full coverage back panel and 2 side panels half coverage
- Standing Banner that can also be used at onsite events
- Fitted table covering/full wrap
- Large cheque for donation presentations
- Established Facebook page with over 2000 followers
- 200+ email subscribers
- Rights to use of Logo and graphics
- Fully designed and functional e-commerce website
- Manufacturer contacts

Market Description

- Our largest market is the military population. Apparel designed for men and women who are supporters of or enrolled in the Canadian Military. The Army Run is the event that has generated the majority of the sales for Angel Apparel with Angel Apparel donating $5/item sold back to Support Our Troops totalling approximately $8500 in donations.
- Angel Apparel has merely scratched the surface of the potential in this market.
- Angel Apparel was granted use of the Support Our Troops logo on their Apparel in the 2016 year based on the popularity and feedback of their items when they launched their apparel at the 2015 Army Run
- Secondary Market is yoga studios and fitness enthusiasts looking for quality athletic wear

Reason for Selling

Due to one of the co-owners experiencing an illness and recovery to wellness, the focus has shifted away from growing this business to what it was meant to be.

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Eastern Ontario

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