Spend $19.99, Get A $30.00 Tim Hortons® Gift Card. Are We Crazy??

For a website that promotes Canadian business and celebrating successful companies we seem to have our math backwards. For our new gift card promotion we are going to lose $10.00 on every ad someone buys. So why are we doing this? Well, we have a lot of great listings on the Canada Business Store but we want more! We are greedy and we want the most comprehensive list of Canadian companies for sale, and basically, we are willing to pay for them. See below on how to claim your $30.00 Tim Hortons® gift card.

How to Claim Your Card

To claim your Tim Hortons® please purchase an ad on the Canada Business Store. Then send us an email to letting us know which ad you created and the physical address to send the gift card. That is pretty much it! Please allow 30 days for the delivery of the card. We do have a couple of conditions below but they are pretty common sense.

Promotion conditions: 1) Only valid for businesses and owners from Canada. 2) Must be a legitimate business for sale. 3) Only one card per person/account (even if multiple ads are posted).

Tim Hortons® is in no way endorsing or supporting this promotion (but we love their coffee!)

Want to get on the list?

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